Category Topics


This category is for all Aviators Worldwide moderators/staff to post official announcements. Only moderators/staff are able to post announcements. For any concerns relating to the workings of the Aviators Worldwide Community, please PM @moderators or create a topic in #meta.

Real World Aviation

This category is for topics relating to real world aviation. Topics like trip reports, historical aviation topics, and important news. If you are posting a image you took from the internet for contextual purposes, please make sure to credit the source.

Flight Simulation

This category is for all topics relating to flight simulators (Infinite Flight, X-Plane, MFS2020, Airlines Manager etc). Please feel free to post topics in this category at any time. If you’d like to share images of your flight simulation adventures, please do so in #screenshots-videos instead.

Aviation Games

This category is for all topics relating to aviation games, such as “guess the airline and aircraft”. Topics should remain appropriate at all times and is subject to closure at the discretion of the moderation team.


This category is for users who have an aviation related blog. Only users in the @Blogs group can create new topics. Please request access to join by telling us a little about the content you post.


This category is for topics that does not fit in any of the other categories we have here on the Aviators Worldwide Community. All topics should be kept appropriate at all times.


This category is for aviation and non-aviation related debating topics. Please ensure that if you create a non-aviation related topic you use the #miscellaneous tag.


This category is for topics that all above TL2 can make, posting any photos that they have taken in the real world provided, to do with any section of life. They must be appropriate and follow our rules. Violating any of these will result in a warning or a potential suspension - our upmost priority is keeping this forum safe for all.


This category is for topics relating to the workings of the forum itself. If you have any questions about the forums (especially for those new), please do not hesitate to create a topic in this category. We’ll try to help to the best of our ability! For other questions or username changes please contact @moderators.