02APR21 / 1700Z - The Hunt to Heathrow @ EGCC [Cookie Event]

Introducing the Event

If y’all know me I ain’t a serious guy so sat in my chair pondering events I thought it would only be fitting to do something fun. The Idea “The Hunt to Heathrow” is not only competitive but should be loads of fun as we embark on the journey (quite literally) together!

Now. Let’s get to explaining. The Idea is quite simply as follows… Spawn in at EGCC (Manchester) on “Casual Server” in the Queen of the Skies (preferably in the BA livery to allow for an awesome photoshoot) and make our way down as quickly as possible to EGLL; the Idea being a Race to which the person who is the fastest wins and is crowned “Supreme Leader!”

Event Details

Infinite Flight

British Airways 747

Manchester → Heathrow

Event Hours - 2021-04-02T17:00:00Z → Race Complete!

Information, Tips & NOTAMS

  • Whilst this is taking place on Casual Server I do recommend taking out all VO/VA references to avoid bad publicity and further complaints.

  • Whilst making yourself as fast as possible is tricky some factors like limiting weight and staying low help and might just give you that extra edge!

  • Please do be respectful and courteous to those on the ground let’s do AWW proud!

  • Pilots will be disqualified if they takeoff early and not with the rest of the group so a start point is set and the Games remain fair!

  • Pilots must land safely at Heathrow without crashing to win; you must be solidly on the ground, not swerving around. If Cign deems this to be the case he will ask for your replay.

  • Hacks are not allowed under any circumstance and they will be deemed as cheating lol!




And thats it! I hope you enjoy and as said there is no prize except bragging right but don’t let that put you off! Should be an extremely fun event which hopefully will be a great success with a lot of Attendees! That’s me done now please do join it would mean a lot and thanks for reading! You asked for some events and you got them! :sunglasses:

cc. England > Scotland


A great event idea which would be so much fun if my pro hadn’t flown away…

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I should be able to make this event! Sign me up :).

fake news


I believe I have already obtained this, Texas was at the ceremony…
Also I assume there will be a regulated aircraft weight…? Or just whatever?

I should be able to but I will know later this afternoon, good job :yum:

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Pun Intended? :sunglasses:

Not a problem Errigal - hopefully will be a few more upcoming! Thanks anyway!

The Question is do I want you there? :crazy_face: Signing you up Thomas! Thank you! :heart:

I have disowned Texas ever since he banished me from the Cool Kids Table… :cry:

Nope Weight is up to you which means you are responsible for your Speed and overall outcome! All the more fun! :crazy_face:

Roger - keep me updated! :wink:

Only a few hours out of my day was quite impressed with the result! :yum:


Cigned :smirk: up!


F22 25 mins of fuel :crazy_face:


Must be a 747

Question: do we need to taxi to a runway or can we just spawn and go (at the time 1800Z ofc)?

Shame I’m not renewing my sub until 21.1 comes out :frowning:

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I haven’t play IF for months now, oof :frowning:

Maybe just maybe



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You must take-off with the group on an active runway to keep the race fair. Once in the air it’s up to you however you must land on an active runway and stop or will be disqualified.

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ok thx

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How will the runway lineup work for takeoff?

Or we wingin it?

Idk I haven’t met any of you - you could be hackers living in your parents basements for all I know lol! :sunglasses:

You line-up; I say go and you go. Its pretty simple stuff!


Dang Cign you really not going to tell them about last friday night? :smirk: :wink:

Nvm. Well who is in front… or are we doing sideways…

Cign are you typing an essay?


I don’t know this man. Stranger Danger. :crazy_face:

Because EGCC is facing East to West it won’t matter who is in front because you will have to turn left straight after takeoff anyway to get to Heathrow so no-one is particularly in front. They really won’t have too much of an advantage so I ain’t worried. If you are - get there on time and be first in the queue! :smiling_imp:


Sign me up!

hehe boi