10 Things You Might Not Know About Airbus

We all know Airbus well as a major manufacturer of narrowbody and widebody commercial aircraft. It has competed with Boeing since the 1970s, with the two now forming a dominant duopoly in the market. But what else stands out about this successful company and its aircraft? Here are 10 interesting things you may not know.

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Some of the more important things in this article…

I like this. Hydrogen is my favourite green fuel

Trash, trash and more trash!


I thought about you whilst listing this topic :smile:

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Agreed agreed and even more agreed. Like I really don’t like side sticks, to be it doesn’t seem like controlling an airplane.

Videogame 100

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makes cockpit look more spacious however, I like all the cockpits being the same.

But each and every airplane will fly different, a same cockpit to me could be vary confusing. Like I could be flying an A350 but I’m actually flying an A319, the size difference and speeds are a lot.

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That could happen but imagine it happening irl where one gets confused over what aircraft they are flying :sweat_smile:

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And that’s exactly why pilots are extensively trained for one specific family of aircraft

I get it’s a hypothetical, I suppose it’s more likely to happen on an A319 vs A321 which is actually the same type rating. I still prefer Boeing though, I want to end up flying the 787

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Try the A320 type rating, covers A319,320,321

don’t forget the A318! also I said family

Then there’s even more differences between the types under the same type rating. There should always be slight differences in each and every cockpit

but then training costs would go through the roof. I like the idea of families, however trying to make an A350 the same as an A319, that’s potentially a problem.

More of a boeing fan, but still like the A320/A320neo

oh wait lemme change my pfp to show that i really like it😂

now if see my pfp… and i hate this keyboard.

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