13 Years On: The Miracle On The Hudson

Yesterday marked 13 years since the fatality-free ditching of US Airways flight 1549 in New York. The event, which has become known as the ‘Miracle on the Hudson,’ is one of aviation’s most remarkable survival stories. Let’s take a look back at the causes and aftermath of the incident, as well as the legacy on aviation and popular culture that it has left behind.

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I would have posted this yesterday, but they didn’t post it yesterday.

I would have made my own topic lol

But yeah really cool how it ended.

I think TACA flight 110 is also amazing

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I remember watching this happen live. Absolutely crazy and I’ve had a lot of respect for Captain Sully ever since.


Best. Movie. Ever.
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I watched it last year.


Lol sorry that’s #3. Top 3 are:

1.) Borat, the original one
2.) Ted
3.) Sully

Ignore the caption, but this scene from Ted is one of the funniest scenes in music history ever