13MAR21/2100Z Aeroflot Virtual Presents: President Adrian’s Birthday Celebration

Hello AWW and Welcome to an amazing event to celebrate the Birthday of @Adrian_K. March 2nd marks the date of his Birthday along with a very famous person @JarrettFlies. Adrian is the Founder and President of Aeroflot Virtual, he is a humble being that is always there for anyone in need.

Along with this, the flyout will also be part of @anon7516455 and @Captain_saremi’s birthday as well!

Adrian is in love with K-Pop but mostly BLACKPINK, so we thought of having a flyout from the home of Korean Pop Music!

This Event is planned with the help of all staffs at Aeroflot Virtual to show appreciation towards our Boss :blush:.

Date and Time: 2021-03-13T21:00:00Z

Event Venue: Seoul Incheon Airport (RKSI)

Server: Expert

Korean Airlines Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Stand 333 A333 Kuala Lumpur(WMKK)
Stand 326 B777-200ER Beijing(ZBAA)
Stand 325 B777-200ER Shanghai(ZSPD)
Stand 313 B737-900 Hong Kong(VHHH)
Stand 312 A330-300 Sydney(YSSY)
Stand 311 A330-300 Brisbane(YBBN)
Stand 310 B777-200ER Auckland(NZAA)
Asiana Airlines Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 A321 Busan (RKPK)
2 A321 Busan (RKPK)
3 A321 Beijing (ZBAA)
6 A321 Tokyo (RJAA)
7 A321 Shanghai (ZSPD)
8 A321 Beijing (ZBAA)
9 A321 Shanghai (ZSPD)
10 A321 Tokyo (RJAA)
11 A321 Sapporo (RJCC)
12 A321 Sapporo (RJCC)
14 777-200ER Changsha (ZGHA)
15 777-200ER Chongqing (ZUCK)
17 777-200ER Guangzhou (ZGGG)
19 777-200ER Guangzhou (ZGGG)
20 777-200ER Manila (RPLC)
21 777-200ER Manila (RPLC)
22 777-200ER Chengdu (ZUUU)
23 777-200ER Hong Kong (VHHH)
24 777-200ER Hong Kong (VHHH)
26 747-400 Hanoi (VVNB)
27 A380 Singapore (WSSS)
28 747-400 Bangkok (VTBS)
42 A350 Honolulu (PHNL)
43 A350 Los Angeles (KLAX) N/A
45 A350 New York (KJFK)
46 A350 San Francisco (KSFO)
47 A350 Seattle (KSEA)
48 A350 London (EGLL)
49 A350 Barcelona (LEBL)
50 A350 Sydney (YSSY) @Adrian_K
Terminal 2
Gate Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
231 A350 Cathay Pacific London (EGLL)
232 777-300ER Emirates Dubai (OMDB)
233 777-300ER Kuwait Airways Kuwait City (OKBK)
234 787-9 Air Tahiti Nui Papeete (NTAA) N/A
235 737-900 Korean Air Daegu (RKTN)
242 737-900 Korean Air Busan (RKPK)
246 787-10 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi (OMAA) N/A
247 787-9 Qantas Sydney (YSSY)
248 787-9 Qantas Melbourne (YMML)
249 A330 AirAsia X Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
250 737-800 Japan Airlines Tokyo (RJTT)
251 A350 Aeroflot Moscow (UUEE) N/A
252 787-8 China Southern Kunming (ZPPP)
253 777-200LR Air India Delhi (VIDP)
254 777-200LR Air India Mumbai (VABB)
255 777-300ER SAUDIA Riyadh (OERK) N/A
256 777-300ER SAUDIA Jeddah (OEJN)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
621 Louisville (KSDF) A33F UPS
622 Memphis (KMEM) B77F FedEX N/A
623 Doha (OTHH) B77F Qatar Cargo
624 Moscow (UUDD) B747-8 Air Bridge Cargo


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • We recommend using flight plan creators such as FPLtoIF.com .
  • We hope you enjoy this event!

Thank you all staffs of AFLV for this event creation


Awesome event. I may be able to attend not sure yet! I’ll follow up soon! :slight_smile:

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No worries! :upside_down_face:

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