22MAY21/ 1600Z @KSFO - Golden Flyout - Evergreen Virtual Inaugural Event 2021

Welcome to the Golden City Flyout, hosted by Evergreen Flying Club. This event will take place at San Francisco International airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, and in many simulators. All event information, NOTAMs, and partners are listed below. Hope to see you there, and if you haven’t already check out our thread Evergreen Flying Club - Official VO of the AWW - 2021 Launch !

Date and Time2021-05-22T16:00:00Z
Location: San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)
Simulators: Infinite Flight, Xplane, MFS2020, FSX

About San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is the main airport serving the San Francisco Bay Area, supplemented by Metro Oakland International Airport and San Jose International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in the state of California, and one of the top 10 busiest in the United States. SFO boasts many connections across the globe, as well as many regional flights such as the 10 minute hop from SFO to STS and ultra long hauls like the 17 Hour Journey from SFO to BLR. SFO is an ideal airport for a flyout given the number of airlines that fly there, the diverse list of destinations, and the airport capacity. Evergreen is also based out of SFO! For more information on SFO, refer to these sources below:

Aircraft or Destination Change May be Provided on Request

International Terminal A
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
A01B Avianca A320 MSLP (San Salvador)
A02 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO (Panama City)
A04 El Al B78X LLBG (Tel Aviv)
A03 Emirates A380 / B773 OMDB (Dubai) @RileyBozina (IF)
A05 Air France B77W LFPG (Paris)
A06 Finnair A359 EFHK (Helsinki)
A07 British Airways A380 / B773 EGLL (London)
A08 Iberia A359 LEBL (Barcelona)
A09 FrenchBee A359 NTAA (Papeete)
A10 Korean Air B772 RKSI (Seoul)
A11 Aer Lingus A359 / A330 EIDW (Dublin)
A12 Aeromexico B737 MMMX (Mexico City)
Domestic Terminal 1 concourse B
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
B20 Southwest B737 KPHX (Phoenix)
B21 Southwest B737 KLAX (Los Angeles)
B22 Southwest B738 KMDW (Chicago-Midway)
B23 Southwest B737 KBUR (Burbank)
B24 Southwest B737 KONT (Ontario)
B25 Southwest B738 KDAL (Dallas-Love Field) @Austrian001 XP, STND
B26 Southwest B737 KLAS (Las Vegas)
B27 Southwest B738 KDEN (Denver)
B28 Southwest B738 KSAN (San Diego)
B29 Southwest B738 KMKE (Milwaukee)
B30 Southwest B738 KSTL (St Louis)
Domestic Terminal 2 Concourse C
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
C40 Delta B738 KLAX (Los Angeles)
C41 Delta A319 KSLC (Salt Lake City)
C42 Delta A321 KMSP (Minneapolis)
C43 Delta B739 KDTW (Detroit)
C44 Delta B738 KSEA (Seattle)
C45 JetBlue A321 KJFK (New York)
C46 Delta B738 KATL (Atlanta)
C47 Delta B752 KBOS (Boston)
C48 Delta B752 KJFK (New York)
Domestic Terminal 2 Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Route Name Notes
D50A Alaska B739 KSEA (Seattle)
D50B Alaska B738 KLAS (Las Vegas)
D51A Alaska A320 KPSP (Palm Springs) @ThomasR (IF) STND
D51B Alaska A320 KIAD (Washington-Dulles)
D52 Alaska A320 KMCO (Orlando)
D53 Alaska B738 KPDX (Portland)
D54A Alaska B737-900 KEWR (Newark)
D54B Alaska B738 PHOG (Kahului)
D55 Alaska B739 KBOI (Boise)
D56A Alaska B738 KSAN (San Diego)
D56B Alaska A320 KAUS (Austin)
D57 American B738 KDFW(Dallas Fort Worth)
D58A Alaska B738 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
D58B Alaska B738 KRDM (Redmond/Bend)
D59 American A321 KPHL(Philadelphia)
Domestic Terminal 3 Concourse E
Gate Aircraft Airline Route Pilot name
E69 A320 United San Diego
E68 B739 United Cancun
E67 CRJ-700 United (Skywest) Aspen
E66 737-800 United Los Angeles
E65 B739 United Baltimore
E64 A320 United Phoenix
E63 CRJ-200 United (Skywest) Albuquerque
E62 CRJ-700 United (Skywest) Salt Lake City
E61 E170 United (Skywest) Santa Barbara
E60 737-800 United (Skywest) Seattle
Domestic Terminal 3 Concourse F
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s Name
F70 A320 United Nashville
F70A 737-700/E175 United Burbank @CaptainLeo1 (IF)
F71A A319/CRJ7 United San Diego
F71B CRJ7/737-700 United Palm Springs
F72 737-900 United Denver
F73 737-700/A320 United New Orleans
F74 737-900 United Detroit
F75 737-800/737-900 United Chicago
F76 A320 United Los Angeles
F77A 737-800/A320 United Portland
F77B CRJ7/E175/E170 United Reno-Tahoe
F77C 737-800 United Nashville
F78 737-800 United Las Vegas
F79 737-800 United Raleigh-Durham
F80 787-10 United Newark
F81 737-800/A320 United Puerto Vallarta
F82 B777-200ER United Honolulu
F83 737-900 United Charleston
F84 737-900/B752 United Huston
F84A E175/E170 United Rouge Valley
F84B CRJ7 United Lincoln
F84C CRJ7/CRJ2 United Charles M. Schulz
F85 737-900 United St. Louis
F86 777-300ER/B752 United Newark
F87 737-900/767-300ER United Boston
F88 757-300/B757-200 United Kahului
F89 787-8/767-300ER United Dulles
F90 737-900 United Miami
International Terminal Concourse G
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
G91 Air Canada Express CRJ9 CYVR(Vancouver)
G92 Swiss B77W LSZH (Zurich)
G93 Air New Zealand B77W NZAA (Auckland)
G94 United B789 VIDP (Delhi)
G95 Asiana A359 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon)
G96 EVA Air B78X RCTP (Taipei)
G97 ANA B772 RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda)
G98 ANA B772 RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
G99 United B789 RJBB (Osaka-Kansai)
G99A United B773 VHHH (Hong Kong)
G99B United B789 EHAM (Amsterdam) @Gyan_Gautam (IF)
G100 SAS A359 EKCH (Copenhagen)
G101 Lufthansa B748 EDDF (Frankfurt)
G101A/B Lufthansa A359 EDDM (Munich)
G102 Singapore A359 WSSS (Singapore)
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
Cargo Apron 50-01 FedEx MD-11F Memphis KMEM
Cargo Apron 50-02 EVA Air Cargo 777-200F Anchorage PANC
Cargo Apron 50-03 EVA Air Cargo 777-200F Taipei RCTP
Cargo Apron 50-04 Nippon Cargo 747-8F Tokyo (Narita) RJAA
Cargo Apron 50-05 DHL 777-200F Cincinnati KCVG
Cargo Apron 50-06 Korean Air Cargo 777-200F Seoul RKSI
Cargo Apron 50-07 DHL 777-200F Los Angeles KLAX

Airport Diagrams, STARs, SIDs

KSFO Airport Diagram

Airport Diagram Here
Detailed Charts: https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/KSFO.pdf


Arrival from North
Arrival from North
Arrival from East
Arrival from East
Arrival from South
If Arriving from West fly south of the 28s and then intercept.

Arrival from North
Arrival from North
Arrival from East
Arrival from East
Arrival from South

Runways in Use

Domestic Departures
North: 1L (Heavy Aircraft use 28R)
East: 1R (Heavy Aircraft use 28R)
West: 1L or 1R (Heavy Aircraft use 28L)
South: 1R (Heavy Aircraft use 28L or 28R)
Heavy can use 1R but not 1L.

International Departures
North: 28R or 28L
East: 28R
West: 28L
South: 28L or 28R

All Arrivals
Regular Visual/ILS/GPS 28L & 28R
Dual landings: 28R must use Visual SOIA, 28L May use any with visual contact with 28R traffic

Please note PRM & SOIA approaches will be used when possible

Spawn 15 Minutes Before Scheduled Event Time
Be Courteous Towards Fellow Pilots and ATC (If Present)
Respect frequencies, no matter the simulator
Use the Airport Chart if Needed

Important information:
Multiple people can take the same gate if they are in different simulators, but if they are in the same simulator, then they unfortunately cannot.
Please reply below with your desired gate, and your simulator in which you will be attending the event.
You do not have to be an Evergreen pilot to attend.

Hosted By Evergreen Virtual
Evergreen Thread: Evergreen Flying Club - Official VO of the AWW - 2021 Launch
Evergreen Application: https://forms.gle/Q755UQPpf5SmGgA27
Evergreen Website: https://evergreenflyingclub.wixsite.com/evergreen
Evergreen Crew Center: Evergreen Flying Club

All graphics/images have been designed in outside apps and some have been given to from the creators with permission. Thanks @Gyan_Gautam :wink:


Before I sign up for a gate, can I file the flight that I do onto the Evergreen CC despite my rank? So if I do a long haul, can I still file it?

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Yeah of course lol, it’s like a rotw you file it as a charter (without booking). Refer to the pilot handbook as well! :airplane:

Not sure if you saw in slack too but you get a 2X multiplier!

Can I be put on standby?
I’m Xplane btw.

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Of course, I put you down as stand by for that gate! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yeah I saw that on the slack!
Also thanks for the info in that case I’ll probably go for this gate:

Thanks again Leo!

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G99B for IF please

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Awesome, I’m not at my computer (on my way to school). I will get you both added shortly.


Edit: You both have been added! :slight_smile:

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I assume I can sign up? so I’ll take gate D51A to Palm Springs. I will be flying this on Infinite Flight!

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Of course, it’s a public event! :slight_smile:
I’ll add you in, thank you!

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Just a little reminder the Event is in 3 days! If you would like to sign up, reply with the required info displayed above! :slight_smile:

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Hey, can you put me on standby now? Just got word I’m visiting family this Sat and not sure if I’ll be home in time. Will confirm tomorrow evening though.

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Yeah of course, no worries! :slight_smile:

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Oops and forgot to add @CaptainLeo1 my gate is on IF

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No worries. You’re all set! :slight_smile:

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Hope everyone had an amazing time. :blush:

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Yep! May be some picture topics coming soon! Had a nice foggy departure out of SFO :slight_smile:

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