580 Active Aircraft: Which Airlines Fly The Most Boeing 737 MAX?

It has been over a year and a half since the Boeing 737 MAX was recertified by the FAA. While the type's initial recovery was pretty slow, it has certainly gathered pace in recent months. As of January 1st, there were 480 active Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This has since ballooned to 581 operational aircraft as of May 9th.

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Allegiant coming soon!

Allegiant’s livery is gonna take a bit of time to get used to, but very interesting to see them investing in Boeing! I fly them in March, too bad that’s before they get these 737s haha

Indeed. Allegiant’s livery is really nice, actually, so underrated.

Sorry :rofl: I’ve flown them many times. They have like a dozen destinations from KXNA. Have fun paying $5 for a bottle of water!

Yup, their A319s suck

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Story time. I flew Spirit from DFW-LAX one time. Mistake. I didn’t realize water costs money. What is this, a steakhouse? Anyways. Asked for a free hot cup of water cause yeah that makes sense. Opened the AC vent above me to cool it off for 3 hrs. Could you imagine doing that s- during Covid? Me either. Water never changed a temperature :neutral_face:

Why the heck is hot water free but not cold water :rofl:

Lol I always bring a water bottle with me when I fly. Even on an airline like Southwest or American where water is free they only give you a small cup

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Because. This is America. You’re flying on spirit airlines. And life is a f’ing nightmare (John mulaney reference)

It takes more effort and expense to heat it up than serve it cold :rofl:

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Yeah there’s literally no logic to it

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Just get the hot water and wait for it to cool down lol

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@Ondrej he tried lol


Water fountain?

Leo, there are no water fountains on airplanes.

  1. I thought you were saying you were in the airport.
  2. What airline makes you pay for water? Never experienced that before lol

Airlines following this the ultra low cost business model do

Every US budget airline except Breeze.