A Brief Guide To TSA PreCheck

Branded as TSA Pre✓, TSA PreCheck is what is referred to as a trusted traveler program. In other words, a program for frequent flyers who have been vetted and proven not to be a threat to air travel in the United States. Initiated in December 2013 to reduce waiting in line times at airports, the program also allows members of special frequent flyer programs and the US military to receive expedited screening.

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I personally have TSA PreCheck and love it. so here is an interesting read about it

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And those are probably the people you will target if you want to do something bad. Use them as they get through security faster. Its a good thing to reduce queues though.

It’s definitely an interesting option to have, but unless you’re traveling out of Atlanta or O’hare every day, I don’t really see the value. At the end of the day, even in busy airports, I’m usually through security fairly quickly. At least in the United States

Here is the difference for me, normally when I am travelling I am bringing a number of electronics that would all need to be pulled out without precheck. With precheck that doesn’t need to happen and it saves me the precious time unpacking and repacking my electronics.

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What do they actually check? Do you just need to walk through the detectors and x ray bag?

that’s basically it yeah, you can leave light jackets, belts, and shoes on unlike not having precheck.

and everything can stay in the bags