A China Eastern Boeing 737-800 Has Crashed

A China Eastern Boeing 737-800 has crashed flying from Kunming (KMG) to Guangzhou (CAN). MU 5735, a domestic flight operated by a 737 with tail number B-1791, had 132 people on board when it appears to have rapidly descended into a mountainous region of China. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has confirmed that the aircraft did indeed crash.

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Earlier today, a Boeing 737 operated by China Eastern Airlines crashed into a mountainous region of China whilst flying between Kunming and Guangzhou. The plane was carrying 132 people in total – 123 passengers and nine crew. The plane came down in Teng County, Wuzhou, Guangxi, causing a forest fire. The fire was quickly brought under control.

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I watched the live replay, it was a sad end to it.

Oh no not another 737. Hopefully there are survivors :cry:. Looking at the footage it’s doubtful tho…

I just saw the footage. It nose dived straight into the ground. This looks highly plausible to either be an uncontrolled stall or pilot homicide due to some personal traumatic event or stress. Every time I see one of these, I think back to the MH370 investigation with potential suicide being involved in that case as well. Germanwings 9525 is another similar case.


I’ve only heard about this just now. This is really sad.

I was thinking that

Most likely pilot error. However, I will let the investigators do their job so we can get a conclusive report.

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Not sure how thats even possible but okay

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At the speed of impact of over 350mph as predicted by early estimates, it’s likely it was a pretty fast death on impact even if the cabin hadn’t already depressurized by the sudden drop in altitude if the pressurization system couldn’t keep up. Most likely exploded on impact with however much fuel was left. If anyone survived a nosedive crash, it’s a miracle.


It has been confirmed that the National Transport Safety Board will participate, along with other organizations, in the investigation into the loss of China Eastern flight MU5735 on Monday, March 21st, 2022. The accident involved a Chinese-registered aircraft flown by a Chinese airline on a domestic flight within China. So why is a US-based organization getting involved? Let's take a closer look.

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Here’s the most likely gist of it: American made/produced airplane, the FAA provided the airworthiness certificate, therefore the NTSB would investigate, this is actually pretty common.

It is now more than forty-eight hours since China Eastern MU5735 crashed in the mountains surrounding Wuzhou, China. There has been no news of any survivors and the black boxes from the Boeing 737-800 have not been found.

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Really? I thought they did

The black box news is newer than 11 hours which is when that one was published. I also currrebtly do not see an article about the black boxes from simple flying.

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I said that before I saw the crash footage😅

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of a crash involving a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 earlier this week that killed all onboard. The high-profile crash puts added pressure on Boeing, with the US aircraft manufacturer already struggling to regain traction in one of the world's biggest airline markets following the worldwide grounding of the 737 MAX.

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The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) confirmed that all 132 passengers and crew on a China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed this week have died. The flight MU5735 was traveling from Kunming to Guangzhou when it plummeted into a heavily forested area in the Guangxi region.

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The second black box of the crashed China Eastern Airlines jet was recovered on Sunday, according to Chinese state media. Thousands of search-and-rescue personnel deployed at the crash site have been looking for clues and important pieces of information that could help in the investigation of the crash. With both black boxes recovered from the site, all eyes will now be on the investigation team to help determine the cause of the crash.

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Nice. Hopefully the investigation can move forwards and we can we understand what happened so that it can be avoided in the future


On March 21st, 2022, China Eastern Airlines announced that it would ground all its Boeing 737-800 aircraft after the fatal crash that caused 132 fatalities. The Shanghai-headquartered airline has now started redeploying the model across its services nearly a month later.

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China has sent its initial report on the crash of a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The initial report comes 30 days after the jet suddenly plunged to the ground in a mountainous region of China. Sadly, there were no survivors.

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