A few pictures of my recent flights

Hello everyone :wave:

@ECoops123 would normally say I don’t see you around too much on Infinite Flight and he’s right I don’t flight that often anymore however, here are some screenshots of my recent flights

This flight was about 2 hours long and I flew from Gibraltar to Bristol on the expert server. It was taken a few minutes after taking off.

Dublin to Barcelona. It was a fun short flight operated by a Vueling A320Also on expert server. Landing was OK here. I was annoyed with this flight (even if it was fun) because as I was setting my spoilers to flight I accidentally pressed gear and I only noticed it like 6 minutes later.

I did this flight today. I just wanted to fly around as I haven’t flown in almost a week. I flew from LFBO to LEBL.

Landed on runway 25R

Thanks for looking at the topic.


Great shots Ondrejj! Nice wing view too. Hope you enjoyed them minus the annoying part. Keep them coming!

Was expecting more EasyJet.

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Thanks! Yeah I’ve done loads of easyjet routes. They become a little repetitive.

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