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I’m just curious: how come aircraft always hold short behind the hold short-lines and not directly above it(like the nose would be directly above it)?

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Probably has something to do with having enough clearance for aircraft with wider wingspan. Not 100% sure, but that’d be my guess.

Generally I would say it is down to aircraft size mostly and wingspan as stated above.

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They can’t be on it as passed it, it is runway territory and any landing traffic would not be able to legally land, and would be a FAA violation, so they hold behind it as not to go over it


After the hold short bars it’s considered the active runway environment. Therefore if planes were to hold short of a runway over the hold short bars they would technically have been a runway incursions, which is really bad and dangerous.(another way to put it is what @clayviation said)


Yes the nose would also be behind the hold short line

I were meant to ask why can’t the aircraft nose be directly above it

It is considered on the runway then so it would be deemed “unsafe”


@tyler99 is a pilot he may know.

Is also a pilot

But yes a nose over the hold short bars IMO would probably still be a runway incursion.

As far as I’m concerned anything being slightly over the paint would count

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Questions like these just show the sheer amount of knowledge some users have here; something I certainly didn’t know… I only thought if the wheels were over it counted as a violation - not the nose…

Yeah, a runway environment isn’t just the surface, it also goes up because well, airplanes fly in 3 dimensions

Like others have said it is all, including vertically, protected environment


As a student pilot I usually try to be a few feet behind, especially in taildraggers (my main training aircraft is a Citabria) where it’s slightly harder to see. Not worth the violation or anything haha