A Welcoming Mishmash of Photos

Hello AWW,
I’m new here, but I still know many on here. However, this topic is aimed at the people that I don’t know yet. I mainly post screenshot topics on other communities, and I would like to post some of my photos so that people who I don’t know may better understand me. All of these were taken off of Infinite Flight, my primary flight simulator.

  1. Korean 747-8 over Ishigaki Island

  1. A retro KLM 747 on approach into Kai Tak

  1. A GA Moonshot

  1. The Tail of a United 757

  1. Over the Alps

  1. Rotate!

  1. A Cargo Delivery

I hope you guys enjoyed this mishmash of photos from IF that I showed you, and I’m looking forward to being more active here!

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Thanks a lot AWW!
Felix out


Amazing photos! Very well done Felix!

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Thanks a lot Cign! Hopefully I didn’t do anything wrong haha.

Fantastic screenshots thanks for sharing with us! I couldn’t decide which was my favourite because they were all good but I picked 5. :heart_eyes:

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Thanks a lot Ondrejj! I like 5 a lot as well!

Mannn those photos are amazing :heart_eyes: that United one! :raised_hands:t2:

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Great shots and welcome to the community! I had a hard time deciding which is the best. I would say they are all great, however either 5 or 6 are my preferred. Beautiful alps and nice capture of the A359 rotating! :heart_eyes:


Tbh that was one of the hardest choices I have made in a while! Each and every photo was fabulous. Can’t wait to see more :ok_hand::yum:

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With the United one, I was just was playing with screenshots, and I got the perfect angle, thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! I found the A350 a unique angle that was worth sharing!

Thanks a lot, Ill make sure to make more!