A330 at Cairns

Testing out the Qantas A330, I buttered a landing at Cairns, although I’m not here to show my absolutely amazing, stunning landing that was a tad late, oh no, I’m here to show the beautiful approach into Cairns Airport. Here’s a photo of the Qantas A330 approaching YBCS.

All photos are my own.


Very nice :heart_eyes: yeah can’t say my landings are buttery lol. I haven’t flown new A330 yet.

You’ll be buttering all the time when you start flying it.

@Cign probably wouldn’t be so sure about that.

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Maybe @Cign uses autoland :thinking:

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You will be disappointed. That ‘suspension’ that holds up the front bogey of the main gear (and the main reason why A330 landings look more buttery than they are in real life) is not in IF.

@PlanesAndGames am I right?

@Earagail I loved the picture! Those mountains look amazing.


Bitta a noob ain’t I? :skull_and_crossbones:

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You’re absolutely right

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Sometimes haha jk :rofl:

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