"add-ons" subcategory for the flight simulation category

i request a subcategory for #flight-simulation where users can recommend add-ons (planes, scenery, etc.) with a detailed topic explaining the benefits to other users so that everyone can enjoy more out of their flight simulator.

I am pretty sure that is why we have IFC but let’s also have it here why not

*Wait, IFC is for IF - This is good, got my vote

Hello everyone!

We now have an #flight-simulation:add-ons category. This has now replaced the third party category. If you have any questions ask below :slight_smile:

Thanks to @anon73672862 for suggesting.

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wouldn’t a pm or a topic in the category be better for a q&a?

If you have questions about this particular feature we’ll answer them in this topic as it is related to what has been requested to help keep answers together and not spread out within the forum.

oh okay then.