Air France - Stuttgart to Paris Charles

Hello AWW!

Today I flew from Stuttgart to Paris Charles in an Air France A319. Its an amazing aircraft :heart_eyes:

It was a really good short flight. The other day I flew from Stuttgart to Brussels in an Euro wings A319. As you can tell I like very short flights.

Anyways as I was saying it was a good flight except I forgot to change the server and ended up on training instead of expert. Also Paris centre was online I was about to request descent and they left so I was lonely all the way down to the runway and then ground came online and kept spamming ‘say intentions’. Mate I’ve just landed I’m not going anywhere just to the gate please. :man_facepalming:t2:

Server: Training
Flight Time: Around 1 hour

Descending into LFPG runway 09L

Left downwind 09L

Just felt like changing the time okay. Picture is edited slightly because you know what night time looks like on IF…

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :grinning:


Nice! I’m thinking of doing a flight this afternoon just not sure where to!

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At the moment I’m flying airlines I wouldn’t normally take on IF for a spin. Its actually fun to fly new routes.

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where buildings

I left beta that’s why there are no buildings (:


it looks so weird to me now

Great shots Ondrej! Thanks for sharing as always (even without buildings). Always nice to try new airlines apart from easyJet, right?

Nothing wrong with a good short haul. I love to do some short Europe hops as well.

This made me LOL! Got to love the training server. :rofl:


Haha glad that made you laugh some controllers lol

Yes it is. I think I have flown about 50% of their routes time for a change!


I thought this was real life at first and got mad you didn’t take me :joy:

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