Airbus Begins Building The First A321XLR

Following the delivery of the crucial Rear Center Tank earlier this month, Airbus has now begun the assembly of the world’s first A321XLR. The long-range narrowbody aircraft is being built in a dedicated hangar at Airbus’ Hamburg plant, separate from the main A320 family production lines.

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finally… some good news.

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I honestly don’t like it because it’s a replacement for the 757

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i hate the 757. horrible plane imo.

As much as I’m looking forwards to this I think I’ll stick to the A319/20.

I’ve flown in a 757 and from a passengers PoV it is a really nice aircraft.

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It indeed is, like the pilots who fly it say: “it’s basically the Ferrari of the skies”

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@Kineheber :warning:

That’s a really good news!