Airplanes and Airlines games/simulations

Hi guys. I am an huge fan of all games and simulations related to the airplanes and airports. Next to Flight Simulator 2020, my favorite is also „Air Traffic Controller 4“. I am also playing browsing game (in my opinion the most realistic one).

What is your favorite Game?

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I’ve just had a look and that looks fun.

I like playing Aerofly


In my opinion, Air Traffic controller 3 is much better but its hard to find it now (with all addons and real airlines).
Aerofly i didn’t try, i am afraid that will push e away from FSMS2020. :slight_smile:


I haven’t used mfs2020. I don’t think Aerofly would push it away :sweat_smile:

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Idk tbh, SC, even though it doesn’t really count, XP11, FS2004, P3D although I don’t have it…

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I found DCS, MFS2020, P3D, X-plane 11, and many of the Battlefield games including Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3(only those where you can’t fly a plane like Battlefield: Bad company 2 Vietnam are the ones I don’t like) very fun to play as well as war thunder, world of warships and IL-2 video game series(il-2 1946 etc.). I also like ATC sim as well


@AirSerbia500 Aerofly is what I use. It is the best for mobile, so it doesn’t really compete with MSFS.


Haven’t heard of that ATC game but definitely going to have to try it out! I still use Infinite Flight, but I might invest in MFS soon

@SimCaptain I will try it than in next days when i will find some time…

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@oklahomaaviation Both are very good investment, no doubt. I would only suggest to try to find ATC with real airliners (much better).


I think I will download an ATC game for my phone because why not

Hey does anybody know how to zoom in and out of the VFR map on mfs2020 on xbox?

Edit: figured it out but wish it would zoom out more