Airshow shot

Hey all, 2 days ago, I participated in the first Roblox airshow. Here’s the pics


how unrealistic were the controls?

It’s only missing the flaps and light

i meant the physics

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It’s not really bad

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What is the game :link:?

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Thankyou very much

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Roblox huh…

What is the name of the planekit…?

It’s VFA-103 F-18f

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Uhh no? I asked for the planekit, not the plane type.

If you get into the seat, what does the UI look like?

I don’t know sorry

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Hm okay.

Looking at it, it appears to be your regular mesh plane, with some random CSG/other mesh parts for the landing gear, not made by the same person, so uhh… it’s probably that really bad plane kit with terrible physics… :skull: