Amazing Australia

Hello AWW! The topic drought is over… for now…

I flew about Australia so here are some screenshots.

Sydney! Probably one of my favourite pieces of architecture on this planet. Looks great in the sim too!

Those windows :heart_eyes:

Coming in for an evening landing on a little island and getting an A on this landing challenge :sunglasses:

…Even with the amazing visibility!

Thanks for reading.

All.pgotos are my own. Please don’t use any before receiving permission. Thanks!


Amazing! I think that’s the first sea plane screen shot unless I’m mistaken.


I’ve posted sea planes before if that’s what you mean

Seaplanes are awesome


This looks illegal so it’s a vote of approval for me :100:

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I got special permission from Gladys

Or Dominic now ig

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Ah I see. So I don’t like it then :rofl: jk

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She gave me permission to stay 5 metres away from the Opera House but this is 3 metres but we don’t talk about that


All the same to me, I use the US standard system! Lol

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You got special permission from @Qantas094 :joy:

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Beautiful pictures! Seaplanes are the best! Had two fly over my house this morning but wasn’t able to get a clear shot in time.

Just realized these pics weren’t upside down… #ZeroRealism

yes, i gave special permission for this landing

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