American Airlines Boeing 737 Crew Robbed At Gunpoint

An American Airlines Boeing 737 crew were robbed at gunpoint in Costa Rica this week. The crew had been traveling from their hotel accommodation to San Jose, ahead of a flight back to Miami, when they were accosted by two men. The flight eventually proceeded with a seven-hour delay.

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This is crazy! Wow! Hope they’re ok.

Well this isn’t good. This happened a few months back with a Ryanair pilot.

Oh really? Dang. I mean Costa Rica has a lot of crime, but you would’ve figured they’d still be safe.

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Yep it did

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Yikes, that’s not good, at least the crew survived.

I’m sort of surprised when it happens. but then again we do live on the ‘real world’ where these things happen :frowning: @oklahomaaviation.


Hmmmmm… maybe i should bring my AK47 while walking home from the airport.

in that note, i am the one who arent getting robbed lol