American Airlines Hosts Pizza Party On ERJ-175 Following Diversion

On Tuesday, an American Eagle service was heading to Charlotte, North Carolina from Key West, Florida, when it was forced to divert to Charleston, South Carolina, due to severe thunderstorms. The Embraer ERJ-175 had taken off 40 minutes late and then spent hours sitting at Charleston. However, to cheer up the passengers, the captain ordered pizza for everyone on the aircraft.

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The captain was amazing and ordered the passengers pizza, I guess.

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I like the sound of that. Nice crew :slight_smile:

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Three days later: British Airways Captain ordered tea for passengers after an emergency landing at Heathrow

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I’ll have a soft drink if that’s fine by you captain :slight_smile:

I’m late to this topic, but…did they include pineapple on the pizza?

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I hope so :joy:

I can imagine Texas as the captain…

No pineapple no flight!

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Exactly. Get with the flow or get off my plane, loser.

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“Southern hospitality” be like Wayylcowm two tripel Kay gayss stashon we aynt raysist wey just beleeve een they ould souwthern wayys lol.

Disclaimer: most southerners aren’t racist it’s just a stereotype. And yes the south does have some amazing hospitality.