Another Set of Pics!

AA B752 Taxiing somewhere🤔

The A350 Carbon House livery climbing on the dark and moody sky

Turkish 77F Taxiing thru a warm and hot day in Sharjah

Oops, the tug broke.


KC-10A waiting for its next mission

PAL B744 about to taxi to the active.

@oklahomaaviation you might like this👀


OMG!!! These edits are amazing.

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Beautiful shots! Love these edits. Some of the best work I’ve seen for sure! Totally didn’t think some of them were real haha. Keep it up! :clap:

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What do you for editing

you mean “use”?

Well i use Picsart and Background eraser, and Remove unwanted object as the main editors but i also consider Snapseed for making the pic bigger, in-case its too large for Instagram to post.

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Damn, the reflection is good and KC-10 shot, I wonder how you did the one with KC-10 using Snapseed and PicsArt

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Actually if you are talking more about the backgrounds, i simply get them from , then erase the original aircraft then using the remove unwanted object, then i just replace it with the IF aircraft then i make it look like the original plane.

and yes, i also got the Supermarine pic with the reflection on there.

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that’s awesome :star_struck::star_struck:

Whoa!! Absolutely amazing shots! :heart_eyes:

The Southwest edit is beautiful, thank you very much



These are amazing! You’re embarrassing us with these editing skills! :joy: