Aviation Fears

What sorts of fears do you have in the world of aviation?

One of mine is a very strange one: I’m scared of playing flight sims in a plane because I fear the plane will crash if I crash in the sim. Kinda like voodoo. No clue how I got that fear.


I just fear that my flight will be the one as in I board a plane and exactly that aircraft crashes

1 in 11 million chance that you will be killed in an airplane crash


Nice topic!
So my fear may be kind of strange… but I used to be scared of the lavatories in the plane. I didn’t like the doors and I thought that I would get trapped in there (this was of course when I was very young).

When I have talked to people who aren’t avgeeks most say they are scared to go in the cockpit, reason: unknown.

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Well, I fear that I would not survive the flight if an emergency is involved and I’m also kinda fear when it comes to going to the lavatory because the aircraft shakes sometimes once it encounters airflow


I really don’t have any things to fear tbh because most flights are deemed safe

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I fear that D.B. Cooper gonna come walking onto my plane


when i was like 6 i was scared i would get flushed out of the plane with the force of the toilet flush if you’ve ever flushed a plane toilet

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