Aviation Games Category

The category colour for #aviation-games seems a bit too light on light theme

I propose this is changed to a darker or different colour to make it easier to see

Hmmm, I don’t use light theme but I feel like this should be changed. You got my vote

I agree the contrast wasn’t very good. I’ve changed it to a darker yellow. Does it look better now?

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Now it looks like #screenshots-videos lol

YES, try light blue i suppose

light blue is better! @Ondrej

It’s better now for me

Glad to hear. I changed some other category colours too.


I like them now though the yellow in #screenshots-videos looks too bright on light

Sorted :+1:

Thank you Ondrejj

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No worries. if you spot anything else just let me know :slight_smile:

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Op request closure :slight_smile: