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As some of you know I am Cign a Moderator on the Community! Today I would like to present a new Weekly Quiz Idea! Aviation Weekly! Consisting of 14 Aviation Questions on Google Forms from this week’s news or other Specified Aviation Areas! The Idea is to keep a Score System and tally up results - having winners at the end of every month! My aim is also to get you community members involved - having special quizzes on the area’s of Aviation closest to your heart for example if @PlanesAndGames ever wants to do a quiz on the 747 to keep you all on your toes!

This Quiz will be taking place every Friday and will be up from 0800Z - 2000Z so absolutely plenty of time to get your answers in for that week! It should be some fun and something you shouldn’t take too seriously in regards to cheating and looking up answers because in the end its just some fun to test your knowledge! Let me know your thoughts down below if any on how we could improve and develop this game which hopefully will be enjoyable and challenging!

The First Quiz will be on Friday 26th Feb testing your knowledge from the week commencing Friday 19th Feb! Hopefully a tradition which will continue onwards as long as y’all enjoy it. When clicking on the Google Forms link you will be required to type your username failure to do so will result in action taken and a permanent suspension from participating in the Quiz.

Hopefully this will be some fun and help to keep y’all engaged! Below type out any questions and let me know if you have any thoughts on how best to run the Quiz and future ones!

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Looks really interesting Cign. I’m looking forward to it.

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Thank you! :blush:

Fingers crossed it works ok and this weeks questions aren’t too easy for all of you! Already started collecting them so hopefully should go well! This goes for everyone when I say it but if any of you do want to make a Quiz sometime just send me a quick PM and we can arrange something I know we all have our specific fields of Aviation mine being everything EasyJet and General Aviation! And if any of you do have any questions feel free to type below! :point_down:

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thx for ping i guess lol

does military instead of 747

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I submitted a very challenging question, if it’s there, you will want to use the southeast US A/FD (Airport/Facility Directory aka the chart supplement) spoiler reveals where you can find the answer

Oh wowww, amazing thinking @Cign


Means a lot thanks Adrian! :heart:


my pleasure!

I’m excited to take part in these quizzes

What is the prize?

The best prize of all - bragging rights! :wink:

Ill only participate when Death Star is the prize.


Unfortunately thats slightly out of budget lmao - I’ll give you a cookie instead! :cookie:


Lemme take that “diabetes on a dough” :joy:

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ok, i’m making a from rn

Its that time of Day! Quiz 1 is now ready to be published after a painful hour of formatting last night! There will be no signing in needed however I will expect all participants to type their AWW Username in the box where stated! Thats it from me - have fun with it and results will be collected after closing tonight to be published. I believe also we will have the treat of having one of you community members preparing one for next week so looking forward to that! Cheers guys! :love_you_gesture:

Form Hours: 2021-02-26T08:00:00Z2021-02-26T20:00:00Z

Form Link: Aviation Weekly Quiz 1 - Aviation News!


Done, and your not a legend

ur a GOD

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Some good responses so far thanks guys! :eyes:

Quiz Link 1: Aviation Weekly Quiz 1 - Aviation News!

Did it without cheating as you are meant to. And because of this I probably came last. Good questions though!