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I’d suggest a nice blog to be added by the staffs here with monthly publishes of different topics like flight sim , aviation , spotting and others. This would make community get out there more and it means user can find forum better from blog, we can have also articles on what goes on behind the scenes of working at the forum.


Great idea! Staff already had something similar to this in mind, and we’ll discuss it! Thanks!


Definitely an interesting idea which I’d love to read and even help out a bit in (if I’m allowed).

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Would be interesting for sure! It’s something we’ll discuss and gauge the interest before proceeding with anything officially. We’d love to have some community members involved, however this would probably be a limited group to start with. This is obviously dependent if we go ahead with it or not.


I hope this will be added

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We really like this idea and are discussing internally. Thanks for suggesting! :smiley:


bumping this…coz I want this but not sure if we have this already…

@Adrian_K coming very soon :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth: