Aviators Worldwide Community Text Formatting Guide

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This content was originally made by @Thomas_G at Infinite Flight Community and I have been granted permission to reproduce it in Aviators Worldwide Community. Any other reproduction of this content outside IFC or AWW is prohibited. Thanks!

Aviators Worldwide Community Text Formatting Guide

1) Quote

Selecting a part of the text in a post will show a “Quote” pop-up. When replying to a post, pressing the icon will quote the whole post you are replying to

2) Bold

In order to make bold text, you only need to type the text between asterisks or <strong> and </strong>.

Example 1

**Bold Text**
Bold text

Example 2

<strong>Bold Text</strong>
Bold Text

3) Italics

To make your text in italics, simply type it between asterisks or underscores

Example 1

*Italics Text*
Italics Text

Example 2
_Italics Text_
Italics Text

4) Hyperlink

The box is pretty straight forward, however if you wish to type it manually, the formula is [text](link). This will result in a clickable blue text that will redirect you to that specific link


[Oh, nice video!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ)
Oh, nice video!

5) Blockquote

Although this isn’t used very often, a blockquote can be typed in 2 ways

Example 1


Example 2

> Blockquote


6) Preformatted Text

This feature allows you to see every character typed

Example 1

(4 spaces) Bold Text (Preformatted View)

**Bold Text (Preformatted View)**

Example 2

`*Italics Text (Preformatted View)*`

*Italics text (Preformatted view)*

7) Upload Image

You can post images either saved from your device (be aware that they must be in one of the following extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif) or from the web

Example 1: From your device
Simply click on the “Choose file” button and, well, choose the file

Example 2: From the web

Simply paste the link of the image in the box

8) Bulleted List

This feature allows you to create a list. You can use *, + or -

Example 1

* Alpha
* Bravo
  • Alpha
  • Bravo

Example 2

+ Charlie
+ Delta
  • Charlie
  • Delta

Example 3

- Echo
- Foxtrot
  • Echo
  • Foxtrot

9) Numbered List

It is similar to the Bulleted List, except that it uses umbers instead.


1) Golf
2) Hotel
3) India
  1. Golf
  2. Hotel
  3. India

10) Toggle Direction

I (@PlanesAndGames) personally don’t know what this is supposed to do nor understand it well, maybe somehow help Arabic writing (for other Discourse forums of course, GAC uses English!), but this is just a theory of mine!

11) Emoji

This is a really useful feature for Desktop/Laptop users. Click on the icon and a huge list will appear. You can try to search for an emoji by using the search bar. Or, you can manually type the emojis by typing its name between :s.



12) Insert Date/Time

This can be really useful for events, as it shows date and time in an easy way. It will display your timezone as default no matter who typed. Make sure to have the correct timezone set in your profile! Pressing or passing the cursor over it will display your timezone and a few other ones.


[date=2020-10-08 time=08:40:00 timezone="Zulu"]

13) Includes
a) Hide details

This is the “drop arrow text” feature I’m using right now. Can be really useful to make posts less crowded. To see the hidden text, simply click on the arrow.


[details="Click me!"]
Hi! Hope you're liking this tutorial so far!
Click me!

Hi! Hope you’re enjoying this tutorial so far!

b) Blur Spoiler

This is another feature that allows you to hide text, but instead this one blurs the text. To see the hidden text, simply click on it. Here is how you blur the text:


[spoiler](Insert text here)[/spoiler]

(Insert text here)

c) Build Poll

The table is pretty easy to understand, however if you wish, here you can see an amazing tutorial on how to manually make polls, although they don’t mention you can make pie polls!

More Discourse Features

Super Bold

You can type your text between 4 asterisks in each side to make a super bold text

****Super Duper Mega Bold****
Super Duper Mega Bold

Underlined Text

To make your text underlined, use [u] and [/u]


[u]Underlined Text[/u]
Underlined Text


To make a striketrough, you can put the text between ~~s or use <strike> and </strike>

Example 1

Example 2

Superscript and subscript

Type the text between <sup> and </sup> for superscript and between <sub> and </sub> for subscript


Superscript<sup>Superscript</sup> and Subscript<sub>Subscript</sub>

SuperscriptSuperscript and SubscriptSubscript

Text Alignment

In order to align the text, you can use <div> and </div> commands. You can align either center or right.

Example 1: Centered Text

<div align=center>Centered Text</div>

Centered Text

Example 2: Right Text
<div align=right>Right Text</div>

Right Text


To make your text bold and big or small, use up to 6 #s before the text

Example 1

# Big Heading

Big Heading

Example 2

## Smaller Heading

Smaller Heading

Example 3

### Even Smaller Heading

Even Smaller Heading

Example 4

###### Smallest Heading

Smallest Heading

Big/Small Text

It is similar to the “Heading” feature, however this feature doesn’t bold the text

Example 1

<big>Big Text</big>
Big Text

Example 2
<small>Small Text</small>
Small Text

Example 3
<small><small><small><small><small>Very Small Text</small></small></small></small></small>
Very Small Text

Page Break

This feature allows you to place a line to separate text. You can use ***, ---, ___ or <hr>

Example 1

This is
a page break

This is

a page break

Example 2

This is
a page break

This is

a page break

Example 3
This is
a page break

This is

a page break

Example 4

This is a
page break

This is a

page break

Line Break

Similar to “Page Break”, except that it won’t add a line. To use it, type <br>


This is
a line break!

This is

a line break!


These are really useful for planning events. The formatting is the following:

Example 1
|Option 1|Option 2|
|Column 1|Column 2|

Option 1 Option 2
Column 1 Column 2

Note: You can replace the --- by :--, :-: or --:

Text Inside a Box

To use this feature, you simply need to type the text between <kbd> and </kbd>


<kbd>Text<kbd> Inside <kbd>a </kbd>box</kbd></kbd>
Text Inside a box


This creates a small box in front of your text which you can fill in various different ways

Example 1: Empty Box

[] Empty Box
Empty Box

Example 2: Tick

[x] Tick

Example 3: Tick with filled background

[X] Tick with filled background
Tick with filled background

Coloured Text

This feature allows you to colour the text. You can do this in 3 different ways: using [color=(name of the colour)]Text[/color], [color=#(hex of the colour)]Text[/color] or create a hyper link without link [Text](). Notice the American “color” spelling on the command!

Example 1: Name of the Colour

[color=orange]Orange Sus[/color]
Orange Sus

Example 2: Hex of the Colour

[color=#5a2b00]Brown Innocent[/color]
Brown Innocent

Example 3: No-Link Blue Text

[Blue kinda sus]()
Blue kinda sus

Coloured Box

Very similar to “Coloured Text”, you can use it by using the following formats: [bgcolor=(name of the colour)]Text[/bgcolor], [bgcolor=#(hex of the colour)]Text[/bgcolor], <ins>Text</ins>, <del>Text</del> or <mark>Text</mark>

Example 1: Name of the Colour

[bgcolor=purple]Purple safe[/bgcolor]
Purple safe

Example 2: Hex of the Colour

[bgcolor=#00d4db]It's cyan 100%[/bgcolor]
It’s cyan 100%

Example 3: Green and Red Box

<ins>Green was not an Impostor</ins>
Green was not an Impostor

<del>Red was an Impostor</del>
Red was an Impostor

Example 4: Mark/Highlight

<mark>This is a mark!</mark>
This is a mark!

If you want to try those formattings, we recommend you to PM yourself. If you have any questions or discover any other formattings, feel free to post below!

Notes for editing TL3+s

Try to maintain the standard to keep the thread organized, and report your changes by using the GAC i symbol and the GAC Why are you editing box . Thanks!


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