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Aviators Worldwide Summer Award 2021 - The Results

:gem: Welcome to the AWW Summer Awards 2021 :gem:

Goooooood day AWW - and welcome to this Summers Annual AWW Awards Results! A lot has happened in the past year from having to change to a discord server to being back on discourse stronger than ever before. Throughout the entire year we have grown rapidly and I hope as always we continue to do so both now and in the future. I am absolutely honoured to host this years AWW Awards - highlighting the best moments of our forum and giving some well needed praise to those who make it tick. I look forward to the results and cannot wait to welcome in this terms celebrations. Many thanks & let the games commence! :sparkler:

:film_strip: What are the AWW Awards? :film_strip:

The Aviators Worldwide Awards or AWW Awards is a yearly celebration of all things good on the AWW - celebrating what makes us all tick and to congratulate all those users who have a special place in our heart. From the topics to the jokes. The activities to announcements. A lot has happened and this ceremony gives us both time to reflect and cherish those moments of which have created memories. :heart:

:rocket: Results :rocket:

Well. We have come to the end. And what an emotional rollercoaster it has been eh? With countless votes, and huge participation, I would like to thank you all personally, from the bottom of my heart, for the sheer dedication and commitment you have given towards this ceremony and countless to follow and have been. Wishing you the best of luck for the results and see you on the other side.

Community Awards :checkered_flag:

Airline Awards :checkered_flag:

  • Best Airline (Overall) - easyJet
  • Best Airline (Food) - Etihad
  • Best Airline (Service) - Emirates
  • Best Airline (Aircraft) - Qatar Airways
  • Best Airline (Logo + Livery) - Air Tahiti Nui
  • Best Airline (Routes) - United Airlines
  • Best Airline (Social Media Influence) - Ryanair

Discourse Awards :checkered_flag:

:partying_face: User of the Summer 2021 :partying_face:


:bell: Conclusion :bell:

That’s all from me and the rest of the AWW team. I’d like to thank you all for an incredibly successful AWW Awards. It means so much when we have such amazing contribution from such a wonderful community. Hope y’all have an amazing end to the summer and Ill see you on the flip side. Ladies and gents - good night! :zzz:


I mean some interesting results. I didn’t expect to be the most helpful user. Most of the time I’m too busy annoying Texas and Cign :kissing_heart:

Well done everyone else and thanks for taking part! :tada:


Thanks for the user of the summer award! Didn’t expect that!

Well done to everyone!


I can confirm. :latin_cross:


Congrats everyone! :tada: Even if you didn’t make the list, you are all valued members of the community and we appreciate you. Thanks for organising these! Very well put together and can’t wait for more. :eyes:


Congrats y’all, I sadly didn’t take part

No idea why you didn’t but it was great fun!

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I can’t believe I was voted strictest admin wha- , nvm


I knew I would never be the strictest moderator. Thats why I’m going to suspend everyone now :sunglasses:


Thanks everyone who participated that was quite fun and worth the wait!! We hope to make it even bigger in the future!

And of course thanks dearest @Cign for managing this!


Pls do this, I dare you :rofl:

Congrats to everyone who made it onto the list! :partying_face:


me who isn’t suspended right now

@Ondrej definitely rigged this.

Haha My entire form was filled in with easyjet lol

I think I voted easyJet for something too.

Good man. Voting for Easyjet is the easiest thing to do.

Yeah, right :rofl:

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