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Aviators Worldwide Summer Awards 2021

:gem: Welcome to the AWW Summer Awards 2021 :gem:

Goooooood day AWW - and welcome to this Summers Annual AWW Awards! A lot has happened in the past year from having to change to a discord server to being back on discourse stronger than ever before. Throughout the entire year we have grown rapidly and I hope as always we continue to do so both now and in the future. I am absolutely honoured to host this years AWW Awards - highlighting the best moments of our forum and giving some well needed praise to those who make it tick. I look forward to the results and cannot wait to welcome in this terms celebrations. Many thanks & let the games commence! :sparkler:

:film_strip: What are the AWW Awards? :film_strip:

The Aviators Worldwide Awards or AWW Awards is a yearly celebration of all things good on the AWW - celebrating what makes us all tick and to congratulate all those users who have a special place in our heart. From the topics to the jokes. The activities to announcements. A lot has happened and this ceremony gives us both time to reflect and cherish those moments of which have created memories. :heart:

:mantelpiece_clock: The Schedule :mantelpiece_clock:

Working closely with other Moderators and Staffing Supervisors we have made this years Summer Awards Schedule all inclusive for everyone - giving the community an ample amount of time to vote, while still providing time for @Cign to make the threads/polls/topics. A very demanding task Indeed! :sweat_smile:

Public Voting

  • August 25th, 2021 - Public Voting Opens (Part 1)
  • September 1st, 2021 - Public Voting Opens (Part 2)

Votes Closed

  • September 8th, 2021 - All Voting Closes
  • September 8th - September 11th, 2021 - All Votes Are Counted
  • September 12th, 2021 - Winners Are Posted

:medal_military: The Awards :medal_military:

Community Awards :checkered_flag:

  • Best Admin
  • Best Moderator
  • Best Regular (+ Category Mod)
  • Best Sim Screenshotter
  • Best Photographer (+ Plane Spotter)
  • Best Profile Picture
  • Strictest Moderator (+ Admin)
  • Most Helpful Member
  • User of the Summer

Airline Awards :checkered_flag:

  • Best Airline (Overall)
  • Best Airline (Food)
  • Best Airline (Service)
  • Best Airline (Aircraft)
  • Best Airline (Logo + Livery)
  • Best Airline (Routes)
  • Best Airline (Social Media Influence)

Discourse Awards :checkered_flag:

:ballot_box: Voting :ballot_box:

:warning: Topics will be posted here when voting becomes active. Voting for yourself is an automatic disqualification and may make us question having you on our forum. This is an official AWW Community Event and we expect you to treat it as one. Thank you for your cooperation :warning:

Voting Link → Active :crescent_moon:

:bell: Conclusion :bell:

That’s all from me and the rest of the AWW team. Results will be posted in due course once voting is complete - allowing us to celebrate those who drive the AWW towards success. Sit tight and may the best user win! :rocket:


Looking forward to these awards! Thanks for arranging them.

The race is on :wink: :checkered_flag:


I don’t want to sound too optimistic and confident but somehow I know where that award is going :crazy_face:


Please. Time for some results altering. :kissing_heart:

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@Cign Best admin? Game on.

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Looks like every staff member is fighting for Best Admin :joy:

is there best former admin lol

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No. But I am sure it would be you. :heart:

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I have already prepared a doc where I know who will win. Anyways all the best!

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Let’s hope your document will be similar to the results!

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Oh it defo will be


Can’t wait to see both sets of results then :rocket:


I’m looking at this :eyes:


more than likely lol

There are a few users here that are good at this. Good luck though!


4 days until voting for part 1 starts


Can’t wait for it to start!


Indeed! I hope (I mean everyone hopes for this) that I will be 1st in at least 1 category haha