AWVAA Classifieds

Hello, :aww:! Welcome the Virtual Airline/Organization Classifieds. Here owners of virtual airlines and virtual organizations can announce staff position openings in their VA and post links for joining as a pilot. If you own a VA or VO on any flight simulator platform, or are on staff at one, this is the place to recruit the newest members of your team!

Also, if you are currently looking for a VA or VO to join, post here about what kind of airline you are looking for and what position you are looking to hold.

I’ve been a part of four different Virtual Airlines, and they have all been great experiences for me. I hope that they bring you the same happiness they brought me.

*Airlines must be approved by AWVAA to post.


So am I allowed to post in here in order to look for members interested in joining my vo

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Ah yes, let me change that.

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We are looking for pilots and staff members! If you are interested please PM @SimCaptain or reply to this post.

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