Back In Time

It's one of those days where you go back and cringe at your old photos.
Flight deets

Server: Various
Route: Various
Planes: Various

Ah, this photo. Shortly after the release of 20.1, this was my first flight on the newly reworked Boeing 777-200ER. Flying to Haneda from Honolulu, these new engine sounds, updated cockpit, and even interior were stunning at first sight.

This photo is what I like to call

:star2: chaos :star:

Attending my second event, “Can You Survive the Canadian Rockies,” we flew to FE7 in X-Cubs. This was not an ordinary airport, but in fact for helicopters. I was unable to land on the short “runway.” After the event officially ended, people began to spawn in E-jets.

Before I knew backlit was a thing. São Paulo was the hub for Friday, so I flew the old Boeing 747-8 from Frankfurt. The approach was smooth, and there wasn’t a go-around, unlike when PHNL was a hub.

Ah. Also after the 20.1 update. Not much to say here. After departure from SFO heading to the Fourth of February. Do I ping CaptainLeo1?

Ending off with a Boeing 787 over San Diego. Why? You guess. Heading to Honolulu from Dallas. This was part of one of my first #flight-simulation:screenshots-videos topics.

Nostalgia is one of those things we should cherish and love. Not for these photos. I over-edit them and put useless vignettes. They come in my nightmares sometimes. Unless they’re okay.

But you can see, I have developed the art of improving, as shown:

Screenshot because the original photo is too big.



Great shots!!! Nice title as well :boom:

Yes you do! :wink: :airplane:


The Japan 777 and Thai 747 are so :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Looks like a missing airport haha

You’ve improved a lot (no more backlit), keep it up!

I wonder what airport it is

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looks like the airport doesn’t exist anymore

Google Maps says no airport, but ok

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Its invisible! haha

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I have driven by it a few times, it’s just right across the Richmond bridge which is about 25 minutes with no traffic. I believe it is now a scrapyard, but I think it was used during WW1 & WW2 for operations but I am not really sure. I have flown over it so many times on the SFO 1’s departure but never really took time to look into it further…


Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

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I have managed to locate the airport!!
@Rolls @CaptainLeo1