Back to cross country B77W

Some pictures from my flight in Infinite Flight earlier I did EWR - SFO in the B77W. Didn’t have a chance to go through my replay in depth so here some inflight shots. In air time was 5 hours 25 minutes, cruise was M.84 shifting between 28,000 and 34,000 throughout the flight due to winds.

:airplane: :airplane:


Nice shots! Thanks for sharing. :fire:


I’m liking the third picture!

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Woah! Beautiful screenshots!


Never knew you played IF lol…you should join JBVA :eyes:

Dang low altitudes

I’ll be looking our for your application lol @CaptainLeo1 :eyes:

Yup, I was following the other aircrafts flight plans from that day. Most climbed to 28 for the first hour or so then jumped up based on winds, and I did something similar.

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