Best Airline in Oceania?

AWW, I need your opinions on the best Airline in the entire Oceania.

Oceania includes the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Tell me your honest answers and give a reason why you think that Airline is better!

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I will say Air New Zealand is the best, with Qantas coming in as a close second.


Any reason why sir?

Fun routes, love the all-black as well as the old livery, good fares, comfortable seating, and New Zealand accents are super unique.


I have never flown on any but for service Air New Zealand and for cool vibes iā€™d say Air Tahiti Nui or Fiji Airways :yum:

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wowww, I would say great service and staff but naa for cool vibes

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Right ok I got a few for different reasons:

  • Qantas because they have a great safety record and are just wow

  • Fiji Airways because they have a great safety record and their livery and interior and service is great.

  • Air Tahiti Nui because my VA is of them, they have a great modern fleet, hub airport, friendly staff, great safety record and a great livery.

  • And Air New Zealand because they have a great safety record, have stunning classes and have a cool livery.


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Fiji Airways or Qantas