Best Airport In America?

People fly to the US once in their lifetime. I am in desperate need of know your opinions on the best airport in America.

Personally, I would say KSFO but I am not sure.
Drop your thoughts below!


I am not too sure that everyone will do this

I will say KLAS

YES! What a fabulous answer I could not agree more! :chart_with_upwards_trend::crown::earth_africa:

Dallas Love Field or Dallas Ft. Worth. Don’t @ me.

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SFO is far from the best American airport.

From the ones I’ve been to, ATL is really easy to connect through and well-designed. I’ve also heard good things about SLC’s and LGA’s new terminals.


I fly to the US in all of my life time
-an American

As for my favorite airport, probably the one I fly out of, KDAB and KDCA

As an another pilot who used to fly into America the whole time… i would say…


but most importantly:


i mean KLAX😂


What a great answer!

I can’t lie but I went there irl and it was an amazing airport. Not only do 2 runways cross, but 4 do. And it gets busy at times so it’s, really cool to watch how they move the aircraft around the airport. It’s also a fairly new and updated airport, much better than LAX at least

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I have to come up with a prize for you. Stand by on this!

I couldn’t agree more!! Such a scrumptious airport.

Don’t listen to @Kineheber he is spreading fake news.


My prize lmao

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OH your right!

You both will get a prize, I will come up with something and pm you both! :yum:.


I would like to draw attention to the best approach in the USA, the River Visual to runway 19 at DCA


Oh amazing

Look I understand u like other US airports over SFO, but it’s hard to say that an airport with two parallel runways crossing each other and both it being a busy airport, not to say it’s good enough. But yeh anyways that’s ur opinion lol

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I know the new terminals are nice but… it will always have the nicknames of LaGarbage and the USS La Guardia


Yea, of course. It’s all fun and games! :slight_smile: There are other great airports too SFO isn’t the best imo, it’s one of them tho :wink:

Yea that IAD pic :star_struck: !!! I’d really like to go to IAD, maybe i’ll do SFO - IAD on the 788 one day :slight_smile:

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@CaptainLeo1 this is the absolute best answer ever. I could not agree more.

My opinion is KSNA just because it is so easy to get in and out of and security is so quick to get through over there. For those of you that do not know it is an airport south of LAX (and I do hope you know where LAX is at).

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Yes so true. @CaptainLeo1 I am waiting for the reward


Omg, I regret my invitation! I totally forgot about our airport & airline wars!

SFO ! We have a music video… So auto #1