Best mobile flight simulator

Hey guys, the last topic was outdated from last year. Many of the simulators have changed and improved, so now it’s time to cast your vote below :slight_smile:

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Ayo @PlanesAndGames @infiniteflight_pilot cmere

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Microsoft 2020 by far, but @ThomasR still hasn’t bribed their team to make it for regular Xbox one yet :confused:

Mobile flight sim? Interesting lol

Oh…right. I just woke up :neutral_face:

I just had a fright

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No, my McDonald’s coffee hasn’t kicked in yet

Off topic but do you ever get McCafe and it’s not that warm

I get it iced, I only go for the hot coffee if it’s super early in the morning like 5 am. In that case it must be black coffee. I woke up at 5:45 am though, but I was digging the iced coffee more

Edit: Let’s continue in random chat

Of interesting. They have a horrible iced range over here so I’ve never went for it. Anyways, not going any more off topic haha.

Aerofly tops it for me, but I dont use it as it’s not what I’m looking for atm.

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I would disagree, X-plane for life. I heard MFS2020 uses Google earth satellite scenery

MFS scenery is indisputably better

Nope, Bing I’m pretty sure.


Why would MS use Google? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any recommendations for me? I previously used IF, but I canceled my sub, and my live (pro version) ends in February…not sure which sim I should move to. I have an Xbox but MFS isn’t a possibility yet.

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Aerofly 2022 (mobile) is about to come out with a CRJ and 787 (and possibly more!) confirmed. You could potentially use that if you don’t want to renew your IF sub. An official trailer was released yesterday.

Oh nice, I’ll check that out soon! Thanks

Actually it uses BIng maps.

Aerofly FS2022 for life! It is absolutely amazing, anyone who has never used it needs to check it out.

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Very underrated but amazing sim!