Bezos Follows Branson: Blue Origin Set To Launch Into Space

Last week, Virgin Galactic successfully launched its Unity 22 mission, sending Sir Richard Branson, along with five others, space-bound to kick off the age of space tourism. Following this revolutionary event, fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos will head to space on July 20th with his Blue Origin company.

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Elon musk has been real quiet, what does he have up his sleeves?


Another child with another name that most people can’t pronounce


No idea. Hopefully something cool. Bezos is apparently taking some teenager to space? Not sure if this is related but

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how did he manage to do that

His father does some physics stuff apparently.

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What are they really getting out of this… just attempts to commercialize space travel for the highest of the elite when we haven’t even found another “perfect” planet… seems like a waste to me. The money could be put towards many better things.

When was the last time you heard an elite say that lol

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Leo has a point, but unfortunately that ain’t reality

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Can’t wait to do this stuff in the future! I love BO and VG!