Bill Gates Wants To Invest Billions To Make Aviation Cleaner

His private jet habit may be controversial, but there’s no denying that Bill Gates is putting his money where his mouth is in other areas of sustainability. The Microsoft founder-supported private-public fund Breakthrough Energy Catalyst (BEC) is preparing to make investments worth as much as $15 billion into aviation-related cleantech projects.

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The billionaires don’t act until it affects them, unfortunate. But this is a good thing, you’d hope that they would do these things just to benefit humanity with all the money they got but nope. This could push other billionaires to join in and push for sustainable fuels so this could be a start to something new.

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Honestly not sure it’s worth it on his part. Engineers are always working at new ways to make aviation cleaner, I’m not sure what Gates’ money will do.

Probably just doing it for publicity. You know rich people never do anything out of love.

Not all the time, but I believe it with Gates.

Dude you’re about to die please relax. Billionaires don’t care.

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So you’re saying that all billionaires are selfish…? Or am I misunderstanding…

Not all billionaires are cruel like the rest of them. One of my family members owns a business and makes over 700,000 dollars a month. Yet I never see them flashing their money nor spending it on material things versus their needs. Same concept for gates, sometimes it could be just for the publicity and other times it could be serious.

Gates is The Godfather of “for publicity purposes”. Dude could lose 75% of his money and still have enough to send all his kids and grandkids to college. He has nothing to lose

I wanna see a billionaire put a billion dollars towards something

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It’s happened before I believe, but I hear ya!

Good point, but you never know nowadays.

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I don’t doubt this lol, just saying not all billionaires are the same.

Well…they kinda are haha