Blast from the Past with Virgin America!

Hey everyone!
I recently did MMSD - KLAX on the Virgin America A320-200 and thought I’d share my shots! Prior to it being closed Virgin America was one of my favorites if not my favorite airline to fly! I flew this route irl quite a few years ago and thought I’d do it in a sim!

Let me know what y’all think of the pictures and your views on what used to be Virgin America and feel free to share any pictures of a flight with them.


You’ve done an absolutely stunning job with these! Some of the best IF screenshots I’ve ever seen!

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Woahh I wasn’t expecting that :joy:🥲 :sleepy: !
Thank you very much for your kind words, I did take my time lol!

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Those pictures are really good! Also if I remember correctly MMPR already has buildings as of version 21.5… :thinking:

Keep up the great work still!

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Loving pictures 5 & 9. Shame they closed hope you had a great flight!

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Virgin America yesss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: