Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 Which do you prefer?

Why do you prefer that plane over the other?

  • Boeing 787
  • Airbus A350

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Any type of plane in that family.
This is a repost from another community.


I prefer the 787 because it is more comfortable in my opinion.

Can’t judge, just flown on the A350

Fair enough.

For me definitely the A350, it’s a beauty like BLACKPINK!

Team Boeing people where are you? The Airbus is winning by 20%

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Yeah the A350 is nice but 787 is better

Here Planes are better than games. I’m a Boeing fanboy, but I can’t fairly judge bc I’ve never flown on the 787


A350 fans go ahead

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Alright where are the other 13 Team boeing people?

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I’ve never flown an A350, but the first time I flew a 787 I was in a middle seat with no IFE for 13 hours, and the second time I was surrounded by sleeping people in a middle seat for 7 hours. So I think I’m biased.

You can guess which one I like :upside_down_face:

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Well maybe next time you fly on one you will be in a better seat.

Thanks for putting the boeing over the top.

A350 without a doubt :heart_eyes: such a beautiful plane, one of the slickest in the sky and that cockpit no way you could ever compare it to a Boeing one, like comparing a @Rolls (:wink:) Royce to a Mercedes (both great but one is just legendary)… Sorry Boeing Gang :v:


And 787 is on top. Guys pliz let the A350 win

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I’ve flown on both. I would say I like the Dreamliner. It has those dimming windows and that.

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Takes so many time to actually make it work bruh

Dreamliner I think. Quite a lot of cheaper compared to the A350 and I don’t think the price difference is worth it. A350 is like ~$300 Billion and the 789 is ~$200 Billion.

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Neither. These aircraft can hardly be considered aircraft given 99.98% of it is run by fancy and stupid computer software.

If an aircraft like the A350 can taxi, take off, cruise, land and taxi all on its own, it’s not an aircraft. It’s a toy.