But We’re an Aviation Community?

Hi everyone,

But We’re an Aviation Community? :thinking:

This is something we’ve wanted to address for a while and seek your views. As you know, the main title of this community is of course ”Aviators Worldwide Community” and we have a central focus on aviation. You all joined this community because we share the same passion relating to either aviation or flight simulation.

We have currently allowed more relaxed topics like our random chat and memes topics. We’re all guilty of using random chat a little too much, however we want to tackle this going forward and would like to see more presence of aviation within our forum. Obviously our random chats are the top engaging forum topics without a doubt, however we feel like it’s destroying the main purpose and driving some users to avoid posting. Many times we can see replies exceeding 100+ in some cases, this is really impressive engagement which we encourage, however more time invested in other category topics would be ideal. Our moderation team will discuss soon how to tackle this moving forward, however it’s highly unlikely we’ll remove it. We would much rather users contributed to a more positive topic/reply than diluting positive discussion with many random chat replies as we’re starting to loose our feel. If there is a long discussion happening in random chat, consider moving it to a more private message to continue? We also have our Aviators Worldwide Discord Server for more instant message style communication so please consider participating there in addition.


Please let us know your views on random chat and non-aviation discussion below. We also encourage you to share any proposed ways to help tackle this in addition. We certainly want to cut down on it and invest that focus back into more topics such as in #rwa, #flight-simulation etc, however we don’t want to disappoint users and remove completely. We just want focus into other underused categories. Even just take a few minutes per week to start a new discussion or replies. This will also make it have a more “aviation feel” for new forum members who may be unsure if it’s the correct community for them.

We are currently discussing new ideas for engagement internally within community management and will share more information soon. We would urge anyone to come forward with new suggestions on how we can improve the whole aviation focus within the community. Please feel free to send moderators a direct message or communicate via #lounge if TL3+.

We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts going forward! Remember - We are providing the community for you. We want to shape it surrounding our members and their opinions where possible.



Maybe somehow advert more the Discord server for the non-aviation related stuff?

i would love to engage more in aviation but i never know what to talk about. so i end up chatting in the Random Chat the whole time instead.

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Is there a reason for this or is it just that thing I sometimes get where I just don’t feel like creating a topic etc?


i’m just not creative enough

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No don’t say that. Everyone has some bit of creativity in them, even if you don’t realize it. If you’re not up to make a topic, join one! There’s a lot of really cool aviation topics on this forum that you can talk in :+1:


but i don’t have any creativity

Why not share your best flight simulator shots in a #flight-simulation topic if you don’t know what else?

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i’m also pretty lazy

Hmm. Looks like the perfect topic for me.

Random chat and that kind of topics aren’t a bad idea, everyone needs to relax now and then, but it’s important not to overuse the topics and pay attention to the aviation categories, since after all, we are an aviation community!


Because, if we don’t discipline ourselves and ignore the other (and main purpose) topics and categories we will risk having Random Chat closed. We don’t want that, do we?


Well, if you want everything to be aviation, why was “random chat” added in the first place, it literally has ‘random’ in it

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You don’t get what we mean. Random is not the main purpose of the forum. The main purpose is aviation.

And if you want it to be active without random chat, I cannot make any interesting topics, nobody likes them and they’re active maybe once a week if you’re lucky

Then reply to existing topics!!

You have no evidence that no-one does,

If everyone had that attitude then of course nobody will create any interesting topics.


And this is exactly what we do NOT want.