Calgary in the Snow! (Feat. Rainbow)

Here is a picture I just took in Calgary, beautiful approach and even a rainbow :heart_eyes:

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Nice pic, though, I’m going to say it’s a 7.5-8 only because you can’t see much of the actual terrain. Other than that, very nice. Kinda making me wish that I bought MSFS2020 instead of XP11.

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Lol we lol voted 7

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It is a good shot. The 787 looks really cool (get it? :joy:) I know @ECoops123 will probably give it an instant 10 because it is Air Canada.

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Yeah it’s quite a bit better in almost every way

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I heard that the physics aren’t great though and that it’s a subscription based thing.

Not a subscription, one time fee. Also the physics are pretty realistic


Physics are great, some default aircraft just have flight model bugs.

I fly taildraggers irl, and comparing to X-Plane the air simulation is a lot better. Air feels dynamic compared to the static air in X-Plane.

The engine is better than XP for physics I think, we just haven’t seen add-ons that make use of it yet. The default ones do have some issues but that isn’t the physics engine’s problem


:weary: :weary: :weary: why do I have to have a Chromebook I want MFS2020 so bad!

This is an amazing shot! I thought that was real life for a second there.