Category Restructure

Hello everyone!

In our continuing efforts to make the AWW a better place and expand it’s horizon, we would like to ask each of you a question regarding a certain feature which makes up such a huge part of the AWW - the categories.

On both the AFC, GAC v1 and GAC v2, we relaxed the professionalism of our forums to maintain a friendly feel and reach out to a wider community with regards to debating categories and uncategorised chitter chatter. This was put to a stop on the all new AWW forum, partially to do with the fact we had a Discord server with a more relaxed atmosphere, yet here we are asking your opinion on the matter. Whether you missed the categories? Want them back? And if so what ones in particular?

Of course, all suggestions have to be sensible and in line with our ToS and guidelines, however if our staff and moderation team deem them to be fit and add contribution to our forum, we would be happy to add them. We are constantly working hard to keep this forum great, so really any ideas are appreciated and taken into account with the upmost transparency.

Please do let us know down below any categories or additions you would like to see. We strive to be an aviation forum, yet we are much more observing that primarily, most of our page now is full of news articles or posts in random chat, which we want to swiftly change.

Thanks for your continual support!
-The AWW Staff Team


A photography/videography category for all forms of photography and videography (sfw photos and videos only of course)


Thank you Baseball!

Guys we do really appreciate responses and any feedback is welcome: unless you like the forum as it currently is? :slight_smile:

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Well, I don’t post topics on here nowadays. I have diverted most of my stuff onto Instagram. But hopefully, I’ll be able to repost some of them I posted on IG.

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Part of being TL3 is posting topics etc. Just sayin’