Celebrating 1 Year +!

Today we are celebrating a whole year + more of this community! This topic takes a look back to our founding from the original communities, gives insight into the experience, and much more!


Aviators Worldwide is the most original community available today. We were one of first to be created and was formed as the successor to a few other past communities ran by familiar staff here.

Aviation Forum Community (AFC)

Aviators Worldwide traces back to ~2019 as the Aviation Forum Community. This was ran by @Ondrej and many staff later added.
The main aim of the Aviation Forum Community was to bring all simmers and aviation enthusiasts together. Most members on this original community found it through Infinite Flight. The AFC was the first community to originally host our categories in which many are still active today. AFC were the first community to introduce these.

Credit: @Qantas094

Due to some limitations, Aviators Forum Community came to an end in May 2019. This is when we transferred over to the new community of Global Aviators. This was originally founded by @AvCenter on a better hosting plan. We had tried to transfer a backup but faced technical difficulties.

Some screenshots from the end of the AFC:

Credit: @Kineheber

Global Aviators Community

After transitioning from the Aviation Forum Community, our new home was the Global Aviators Community. This was founded by @AvCenter with similar aims to bring all aviation and flight sim enthusiasts together. Despite the heavy presence of aviation, this community had a more relaxed feel with more off-topic chatter. Due to a few things, multiple iterations of this community appeared from 2019 until 2020. @ThomasR chimed in and provided the community again when it went down by original founder @AvCenter. We really missed the GAC!

Aviators Worldwide Community

The Aviators Worldwide Community is the successor to the now defunct Global Aviators Community. It was founded early 2021 by @ThomasR alongside other close staff. After the previous community went down, we decided to swiftly bring it back to life! We are now here to stay and are hopeful for no more iterations of the community. We’d love to see this community grow even further as well as you. Please do feel free to invite your friends who may be interested. Let’s work together and make this the best community out there!

The Experience

What do we think?

“In my opinion Aviators Worldwide is a pleasure to be a part of. Our community is full of delightful people. Sure it has its moments but that’s just like a family right? We’re all in this together as one big group and as they say “Its the friends you meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey” ”

Ondrej, Community & Technical Manager

“Aviators Worldwide is the most original and friendliest aviation community out there today. I’ve been involved for a while now and has enabled me to develop new friendships and discuss similar interests in aviation/flight simulation.”

ThomasR, Community Manager & Hoster

“Would it be cliche to say I consider the AWW a somewhat second family? Nah. Of course it wouldn’t. From when I joined just over a year ago (as a TL1) I have been absolutely shocked with both the friendliness and maturity of all the users I have come across. Rising through every single rank from “Regular” to “Leader” and “Leader” to “Moderator” I have continued to be inspired by those I work with on a daily basis facing both the ups and downs of creating a community. I do hope you enjoy your time with us as we continue onwards from our anniversary and hope down the road to see you in the same position as myself, because with both time and effort, anything is possible. ”

Cign, Community & Internal Operations Manager

“I was never one to be involved in the online world. I participated in simulators and enjoyed flying with small groups but I never realized how much my passion and excitement to learn and talk about aviation would be exemplified when joining the original AFC (oldest version of current AWW) a while ago introduced to me by @Kineheber. I love how we all come from different backgrounds and ‘corners’ of the Earth but share that same value for aviation. It showed me that there are always going to be people out there like you or who share the same interests/passions/aspirations as you. I believe since this is a small community I was able to get to know some of you on a personal level and there are not many places where you can do that in the online world. No matter my role or place on this forum I really hope to work with everyone to grow the community and really get to learn and just have exciting conversations with you kind folks. I really enjoy my time here and I hope you all do too! #awwstrong

CaptainLeo1, Moderator & Safeguarding

“When I joined Aviators Worldwide, I had the warmest welcome I could ever possibly wish for! I soon learned that it’s full of great people, always up for a discussion and creates a great sense of community.”

Earagail, Category Moderator

“The Aviators Worldwide Community has provided me with a unique opportunity to connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts, learn from more experienced aviators, and stay tuned with the latest updates in the field. I would recommend the AWC to any aspiring pilot!”

SimCaptain, Community Regular

Some Statistics

Here are some statistics from our first year of the Aviators Worldwide Community:



7.2K Topics

61.7K Posts

15 Solutions

‘Memes’ most searched word

If you would like to know anything else please ask. Site stats are included on the about page.

Honorary Mentions

Staff & Moderators

Tag Role
@AvCenter Original Global Aviators Community Founder
@Brad Former Moderator
@CaptainLeo1 Current Moderator
@Cign Community Manager
@Clayviation Forum Leader & Former Technical Manager
@Earagail Category Moderator & Events Team
@Ecoops123 Former Admin
@GraemePorter25 Former Moderator
@Hi15td Current Moderator
@Ondrej Community & Technical Manager
@Qantas094 Discord Moderator & Former Admin. Long time user and best Aussie here
@SFFDesigns Former Technical Manager
@Sashaz55 Former Moderator
@oklahomaaviation Current Moderator
@TheAviationGallery Former Admin
@Thomas_G Former Moderator
@ThomasR Community Manager & Aviators Worldwide Hoster
@TimShan05 Former Moderator

Other Community Mentions


Be sure to check out the following topic:

If you haven’t been mentioned don’t worry! We’d like you to know that we appreciate you being here… A lot! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to login to our growing community. So from the bottom of our heart, thank you for making the community the special place it is today. You will receive the anniversary badge in due course. :tada:


Wow! It’s been a great ride. Can’t believe we’ve gone through all those previous communities! We’re now here to stay. I can say it’s really great to be part of the most original community and the journey. Met so many great people and I’m grateful to everyone who’s joined. Still remember the days of signing up for an account on the AFC. I think there was an Instagram story and I joined. Shortly after that got more involved, ranked up and now as a community manager. Just goes to show that anything is possible! So my advice to everyone - get involved with the community! You never know? You could be the next moderator or community manager. But most importantly is that we value everyone. Without our members then there would be no community. Thank you all!


I enjoy the forum very much. Here’s to another year! :beers:


That is very true :wink:

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So glad to be here! Happy Birthday, AWC!


Thankyou! Happy to have you here

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2 years of us on AWW cheers, I just have to include AFC

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I’m actually debating why don’t we celebrate it on the day the original afc was created

I can’t remember that.

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This happen to me too because we have had demo teams that switch commanders and I can’t really remember when I created them so what I do is use my memories and just set it. So for AFC, I would probably set it to September 1st, 2019

What a year! I may not have been here the full year but have fully enjoyed my time here! Amazing amazing year! Looking forward for the amazing things to happen in the future!


Happy 1 year anniversary to this amazing forum. Congratulations to all staff for their hardwork and dedication to AWW. Will be looking forward to many anniversaries in the future!


One year. Wow. It has been a journey and I’m thankful for the Moderating opportunity I had here. Best of luck on another year all.


Thankyou so much Sasha!

I still remember those AFC days…seems so long ago! I’m blessed to be a part of such a welcoming and enthusiastic community with such great people! Wouldn’t have met some amazing people without joining - @Kineheber , @CaptainLeo1 , @Cign , @SimCaptain , @Ondrej just to name a few. Here’s to many more celebrations! :heart::clinking_glasses:


The feeling is mutual!

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also a great country too. it’s been a wild ride throughout the existence of the forum but it’s definitely one i won’t forget