China Wants To Build A 12-Seater Plane That Could Fly To New York In 2 Hours

According to CNN, a Chinese company by the name of Space Transportation has announced plans to develop vehicles capable of hypersonic flight for civilian use. The proposed aircraft would complete a journey from Shanghai to New York in just two hours, traveling more than twice as fast as the iconic Concorde.

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I like the idea. Not sure if I would use it. Mainly because I don’t ever plan on going to America. But straight away there is a problem.

Space Transportation

How ugly does that look?

Looks rather… interesting… I’ll stick with SpaceX tbh

why not?!

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It looks like someone has painted a dorito white and strapped rockets to it.

China think theyre in 3022 or smth cause I dont see this working for them

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Yeah lol

However, it would be a good thing to have if it worked (and looked nice)

Looks weird as hell… And I also really think it would take a very long time til they’re even allowed to fly to the US


Yeah the FAA and NAVCANADA have to give that thing ratings because it’ll be flying through the airspace. Since since it’s traveling in Class A territory, I’m sure there will be a certain atmospheric reentry path under NORAD guidance over Canadian and USNORTHCOM regions as well. Where the hell would that thing land? JFK I’m assuming. The cost for the fuel alone with your ticket price would be crazy. I also feel for the flight attendant that has to provide beverage services to people wearing astronaut suits for the 2+ hour ride. At least the businessmen coming to the US have no excuse for running late for their meeting now.

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Yeah another reason you won’t catch me on it.

:joy: Imagine lol