Classic - DEN - SFO B739

Hey y’all!

Today’s flight was an Evergreen flight with @RileyBozina (EC021) we did Denver to San Francisco in the United Airlines Boeing 737-900ER! The evening flight was approximately 2 hours and 23 minutes! A short flight to celebrate Riley reaching rank 4!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!! :airplane::airplane:


It was a pretty fun flight I must admit. I tried getting a good photo of our parallel landing but given the time we landed at, I didn’t have much options beside get us both landing in front of the moonlight, so here it is:


Yes it was!

Yeah when I went back in replay mode I had a hard time getting back to the current time during our approach so I just used made it a little earlier…

I like your shot though, I wasn’t able to get one like that… not sure why but I seem to struggle with the drone cams lol.

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Lol it’s all good yours were pretty good either way

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Hope you had a great flight! My favourite pictures are 5 & 9 :grinning:


The second to last pic good lawddd

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