Clay's VATSIM ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

S1 (Ground and ClearDel) in ZDC (Washington) on VATSIM, I’ll update when I’m online


KORF open currently

don’t be like me and forget to update your thread when you go online(ya know, like I just did, closing PVD_APP in like 5 ish minutes, never updated my thread)

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Just closed down

KIAD gnd open now, closing in 50 minutes

It’s been fun, I have about 6 hours

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How’s controlling on VATSIM been ?

Nice let me know when you start streaming it!

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Open at Dulles gnd, closing in about an hour

Dulles ground open


KORF Norfolk ground open! Come stop by!

it seems like he forgot to update this, he went offline it appears

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Dulles Ground is open!

And clay forgot to update saying that he has closed……. again.

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Open at Dulles Ground


just sent applied to visit ZDC, so maybe I can be your approach controller soon-ish


somebody is controlling ORF_GND but didn’t think to post here that they were controlling, it’s ok though, because I’ve done that too

Is it really controlling if there’s no one to control :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: