Clhd new F-18 showcase

Hey all, last night at approximately 10:06PM EST, CLHD developer release new liveries for the F-18 so as an airshow fan, I try on the blue angels and here’s one pic I got that I use for wallpaper.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

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Yeah the dev really did well with the livery although the unrealistic thing is that now you can actually fly the F-18D in VFA-81 livery which in reality, none of the US navy squadron including VFA-81, as far as I know of, uses F-18D except for the Blue angels

Dang that’s beautiful. I can’t believe that’s not MSFS, how have I never heard of this simulator?


Why google when you have a community.

I don’t know much about military aviation. I’ve noticed this on IF too what is this thing which appears to glow green?


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electroluminescent lights

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Does it do anything except more visibility? Ie warn pilots they are close?

What do you mean by this

Like is it useful if you fly in a formation?

I’m not sure tbh because I never learn about it

Ah no worries. I’ll do some research of my own

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I’ll also ask a few guys on a discord server I’m in

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yeah they’re formation lights