Coasting! EWR - SFO B77W


On New Year’s Eve I flew EWR - SFO on the United airlines B77W updated cabin. Flight was about 5 hours 45 minutes.

Flight was great, and the crew was super friendly. Because of the intense westerly winds we went north out of Newark and road the Canadian boarder until Idaho and cut down towards California.

Here we are UA310 Gate C138.

Broken tail on this E170?

Up up & away.


Entering the Bay Area.

My house is somewhere down there in the hills.

Looking down on SF!

On final Runway 28L!

Touched down smooth and fast but a little far down the runway.


We exited at the last exit of the runway!! Captain forgot about the breaks or ? Lol

Parked at gate G9 INTL terminal. (Plane was going to Frankfurt next).



What picture did you like the most?
COVID wise - United was pretty good about reminding people to keep their mask on when not eating or drinking, they came up and down the isles offering sanitizers throughout the flight too. They have special filtration systems (hepa filters) during and before the flight which you can learn more about here -



Awesome pics! Man, that touchdown was halfway down the runway. What movie did you watch?

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Yea we touched down just before I took that picture but yea almost half way down lol crosswinds we’re blowin!
I watched Ford vs Ferrari if you know that one. I had seen it before but just felt like watching again and then for the rest of the flight I just relaxed and listened to some tunes and stuck my head out the window :airplane::raised_hands:

The evo in the last pic :pleading_face:

Yea I like the two last pictures a lot lol



New York, New Yorkkkkkkk :notes:

I love pictures 8 through to 11 :heart_eyes:

That looks like an amazing flight!

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