COMING SOON: DHL Express Virtual


Best of luck to you!

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Thank you! We’re in the final stage and should be posting our thread within a week from now.

Very nice pictures. Hope your VA takes off :wink:

Thanks! We’re super close to posting our thread, just awaiting certification.


Ahh yes, I had a IFVARB approved VA, then I kinda lost interest in IF as soon as it got approved, than the VA just kinda up and died


That’s tough, you active again or…?

on IF or the IFC, no. The VA has been permanently retired and didn’t gain much traction anyways. And I have also leveled up to the much more accurate desktops sims. IF is fantastic for what it is, just I find the desktop experience to be much better.

Ahh, let me guess… JetBlue?

nope, it was a completely fictional VA that has been shut down for years now, I want to say it’s been like 3 years, probably more

Your DHL VA is going to have a big surprise coming up soon, stay tuned :eyes:

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What do you mean? You’re creating too much suspense lol

I think some suspense is what we’re going for :wink:

VAs on IF are seriously hard to keep running, I’ve learnt from being a CEO. Good luck and can’t wait to see the thread!

Oh yeah for sure. I’ve commanded 3 of them, all of them fell apart eventually

3, jeez, I only did one, it fell apart and I lost interest in IF(it was also probably about the time I got into desktop simulators)

I wanna start MFS2020, but I only got a regular Xbox one :confused:

I got handy as I didn’t have an xbox so I got the new one hehe

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If only I could afford it :joy:

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Just let it out and tell meeee😁