[COMPLETED] Upcoming Infrastructure Change

Upcoming Infrastructure Changes

Hey everyone,

Over the last few days, we’ve been testing new infrastructure for the Aviators Worldwide Community. We are constantly finding ways to improve and have decided to upgrade our core infrastructure to keep you loving the forum! This also secures as we continue to grow the community.

As a result of our tests, we are fully confident that we’ll be able to implement this on our live site!

To be clear - this IS NOT a move to a new community. We will be redirecting the new infrastructure to here and you can find more details below. You shouldn’t notice many changes as we migrate to this new infrastructure.

Here are some main changes:

Over 11X more storage space - this is a great improvement! This will allow you to continually share more high quality media and uploads.

More CPU and RAM to keep the community running faster!

Higher data transfer rate

Cheaper pricing and reliable hosting

So what does this mean for me?

We aim for this migration to take place on 2021-09-08T11:00:00Z2021-09-08T15:00:00Z

You shouldn’t notice much change as we direct our community to this new infrastructure. This will take place between 1100Z and 1500Z on the day and the forum will be placed in read-only mode whilst we carry out this. Please don’t be alarmed if you cannot post or have slow access times. Everything will be restored when migrating, it should just be a case of logging back in with your credentials and you’ll have access to everything once again.
If you have forgotten any login details and are stayed signed in here, we strongly suggest you do a password reset or attach an external auth (Google, GitHub, Discord etc) to recover your account and use the new infrastructure.

Here is the order in which we expect to happen on the 8th September:

  • Backup the site just before migrating on the day
  • Enable read-only here so no more interaction can occur and result in lost data during backup
  • Upload backup to new infrastructure
  • Delete backup securely from our computer
  • Redirect the current domain aviatorsworldwide.co.uk to our new infrastructure
  • Notify of complete migration
  • You all can enjoy where you left off!

Communication will be available via our Aviators Worldwide Community Discord on the day if you have issues. The Aviators Worldwide Discord!

In the unlikely event of failure, we will perform an emergency rollback to the current site and infrastructure, however we’ve gone through extensive testing and are confident!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please reply below and we’ll assist you.

We are looking forward to the future! :slight_smile: Stay tuned for further updates over the coming months. Plenty cool things on the way to Aviators Worldwide! Share with your friends ;).


https://aviatorsworldwide.co.uk should now be propagating to https://aviatorsworldwide.com. It may take some time if you are not seeing redirecting yet from the .co.uk URL. I’ll monitor throughout the day. The .com link should be accessible immediately though by clicking.


Hi guys, please vote on the following polls. This is so I can gauge how effective the redirect is so far and monitor.

Were you taken to the .com version by accessing the community as you normally would?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you have to click on our .com version/summary email with new link to access?

  • Yes
  • No

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What browser are you using?

  • Safari
  • Samsung Internet
  • Google Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Other (please specify)

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It could take up to 48 hours for full change, however I’m monitoring the situation for now. Propagation should have been started by now. Please leave additional comments below or open a new topic if you have issues.


The redirect should be working now. Can anyone try and confirm by accessing https://aviatorsworldwide.co.uk/ and see if it leads you to .com?

  • It worked
  • It didn’t work

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This change is now complete and redirect should be working for all users at this point. If you have any further issues, please open a topic within our #meta category and we’ll take a look into it. If you know anyone facing issues, feel free to DM the moderators and we’ll sort it.

Thanks for your patience with us and with our technical challenges!